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Road Rage is Rampant in Russia

Who are all these people with dash-mounted video cameras? Is this a European thing? Are they crashing on purpose to get some good video? Who has time to record all these road rage accidents? I’m way too busy texting when I’m driving. That’s a joke. Anyway, enjoy these goofy Russian accidents and road rage incidents!

John Candy on Sesame Street

“Hello? Is anyone here on Sesame Street? Are you Oscar the Grouch?” Two classics together here in this video: John Candy and Sesame Street. When you watch this you realize how awesome John Candy was and how much you wish he was still with us. Can you imagine how funny he would be on Twitter?

Little Kid Must Have His Led Zeppelin

When Daddy tries to find something good on the radio or iPod, this little kid squirms and whines until he gets what he wants: Led Zeppelin. Rock on, son. Dad, keep up the great work.

This Is Why You Don’t Play Real Life Frogger

This is why you don’t play real life Frogger. You only get one life, and there’s no free guys. And I have to assume that real cars do real damage and hurt more than a video game (/s). Also, you’re not a frog. Hard to tell if this guy was able to make it through […]

Top 5 Fast Food Freakouts

There are moments in people’s lives that cause them to drastically alter the way they are and the way they live. A serious health problem. A wicked car accident. The birth of a child. Let’s hope for these people that it’s the time they lost their minds in a fast food restaurant. We present “The […]