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The Worst Cops in TV History

Thankfully the officers on this list are only fictional characters. Here are Pop Culted’s list of the 10 Worst TV Cops. Chief O’hara Oh Batman can you do this, oh Batman we need you, oh Batman come help us. Dude — do your own work for once. Rosco P. Coltrane Coltrane was a crooked cop […]

Is There a Klingon Word for Loneliness?

Comic Book Guy knows we can always take comfort in the written word. Made up words. From made up aliens. That were on TV.

Bart Simpson Knows the Time

Bart Simpson knows the time. But what’s better — chili or 64 slices of American cheese? Just combine the two, you doofus.

Top 5 Simpsons Songs!

Here are Pop Culted’s Top 5 Simpsons Songs. Best listened to while eating 64 slices of American cheese. #5 Baby on Board by The B-Sharps #4 Dr. Zaius by Troy McClure and Cast #3 Stonecutters Song by The Stonecutters #2 Canyonero! #1 See My Vest by C. Montgomery Burns