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She Likes the Fatties?

Or she likes the Diapered Ghost of Chris Farley, who looks like he is about to release the tremendous force that is building inside him. Either way, I have the creeps. Do you? h/t:

Look at My Effin’ Baby!!

Someone’s really excited about this new baby. And I mean really excited. I scurred.

Hey Granny, Smile If You’re Stoned!

Naughty, naughty school girls. Unless it’s true. Maybe they all puffed right before that pic. How should I know? I run a second-rate website. I have no time to investigate. We all enjoyed it though!

Can You Solve This Riddle?

Racist Computer Desk

Haven’t we gone past this type of thinking?

Emo Lincoln is So Emo

h/t: Flickr

I Have a Tree Branch Protruding Out of My Leg…Peace!

Is that a peace sign or maybe a two for the amount of hours he’ll still have that leg? h/t: reddit

The Longer You Stare…