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Key & Peele’s Barack Obama: The College Years

“Intercepted….Don’t sleep on Barry O. Don’t sleep on Barry O!” Comedy Central

Whatever You Do…Don’t Tell Obama

President Obama, Which Bank Is That?

President Obama, we’ll need some directions to that bank. Kind of reminds you of this clip, doesn’t it?

German Chancellor Shocked to Find Obama is Black!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel — if that is her real name — is hypnotized by her encounter with President Barack Obama. Merkel, who apparently met her first black person in this photo, failed to set the world record for being oldest person to have never met a black person. After this greeting, I’m pretty sure […]

Obama Rocks the PS2?

Dang, the Commander-in-Chief can’t even get a PS3? After getting rid of Public Enemy #1 Osama Bin Laden, someone needs to send one to the White House for President Obama. (p.s.: we know this is shopped, mmkay?)

MSNBC Reporter Tweets: Obama Dead

Whoops! Gotta check them Tweets before you hit enter. Even though you can delete them, there is still some juvenile web surfer that will take a screenshot, and an even bigger dork that will post them on a low-grade website. Wait…well, it is what it is. Anyway… MSNBC correspondent Norah O’Donnell’s tweet was off by […]

Snobama: Best Obama Gift Ever!

What’s the best Obama gift ever? No more don’t ask? Obamacare? No! It has to be “Snobama”. This is what he should be giving every American for the holiday season! From the makers: “SNOBAMA Snow Globe filled with mini dollar bills and gold glitter rather than snow flakes. Just shake it and watch Obama spend […]

President Obama, About Your Change…

Folks is angry!! Gimme mo’ money Obama!! Joe Biden is cray-cray!!