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Blindfolded Tightrope Walker Falls 600 Feet [Video]

File this under Fail, and then miracle. Chinese Dawa Zi acrobat Aisikaier tries to cross a ravine in China while blindfolded, then falls over 600 feet. Here’s the video. He was found by rescuers and brought to safety. According to CCTV, he only suffered minor injuries. Aisikaier said he felt dizzy after more than 50 […]

You’re Doing It Wrong [Pic]

You’re doing it wrong, aka, ‘When Bodybuilding Goes Bad’. I told this dude–you shouldn’t read books upside down. He didn’t listen. Now look what happened.

To-To-Today, Junior! Epic Sportscaster Fail [Video]

If this doesn’t immediately make you think of the famous “To-To-Today, Junior” line from Billy Madison then you are completely insane, and I award you no points. This is a classic sportscaster fail, courtesy of Damany Lewis, who I think handled it with aplomb. To the video tape… For comparison:

You Ain’t Got No Wifebeaters or Hair Gel

This could be fake, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

Were They Drunk When They Made This Ad?

Members of the Casa Palmera graphic design team checked themselves in, unaware of their drinking problem until confronted with this ad they made. Also, the man in the pic sued the doctor for the heinous graft job on his hair.

This Is Why You Don’t Play Real Life Frogger

This is why you don’t play real life Frogger. You only get one life, and there’s no free guys. And I have to assume that real cars do real damage and hurt more than a video game (/s). Also, you’re not a frog. Hard to tell if this guy was able to make it through […]

Running Through a Glass Door – Like a Boss!

As the little girl in the video explains, her brother thought the door was slightly ajar, and thought he could just push it open the rest of the way. Unfortunately for him, the door was latched. The girl is also a good editor. She gives the viewers what we want — multiple replays of someone […]

Meanwhile in Moronville…

Solid aim. Keeping his legs tucked under his body wasn’t the best idea. And that grass would have been much more forgiving than that concrete. All in all, big fail and I laughed. As Tosh would say, “And for that we thank you.”

Worst Soccer Free Kick Ever

Uh…I think you forgot something…

Best Ball Kick to Face EVER

I love when things like this happen…to other people. I mean, I would definitely laugh if it happened to me. Right after I smashed in that guy’s face! But actually, it looks like he’s pretty versed in the martial arts. So never mind. h/t: Gif Bin