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This Dog is Much Better Than Your Dog

Yeah, your dog is cute and cuddles up to you. He does that thing with his nose that makes you say, “Awwww”. Who cares? This dog is so much better than your dog. He dunks.

Poop Eating Has Gotten Very Bad

I was at a pet adoption event over the weekend and they asked people to wash their hands before going to meet and play with a different dog. When my kids and I went to wash up in the bathroom — which was located in the back near an office — I got the REAL […]

Dog Takes Out Biker!

Huh? What Race? I was just playing my own, real-life version of “Frogger”, thought I’d try it out on bikes first. But I think I’m gonna roll with my real-life version of Q-Bert instead.

Man’s Best Friend? Not In This Case

Man’s best friend? Not in this case. What kind of dog pushes out his owner’s chair? A really smart one. He can lick up all that cereal. Or whatever that dude is eating. Wheat Thins? I dunno. But yummers!