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Annnnnnd…Dexter Has Jumped the Shark

Sigh. I suppose all good things must come to an end, and “Dexter” has been one of TV’s finest shows for a long time. But if it hasn’t jumped the shark yet, it’s certainly suspended in mid-leap high above the big fella, just waiting to come down on the other side. Why? I thought you’d […]

The Worst Cops in TV History

Thankfully the officers on this list are only fictional characters. Here are Pop Culted’s list of the 10 Worst TV Cops. Chief O’hara Oh Batman can you do this, oh Batman we need you, oh Batman come help us. Dude — do your own work for once. Rosco P. Coltrane Coltrane was a crooked cop […]

Fresh Kills for Dexter’s Table

A new season of Dexter means that our beloved serial killer needs some fresh meat to take to his table. Here are some people that should appear on the new season. 1. LeBron James- Tired of his posturing and display of arrogance all over Miami — even after losing the NBA Finals — Dexter decides […]

Fall TV Premiere Dates

You know that show you really, really like? You know that new show with that one actor you really, really like? We know when they will be on the TV! Here’s a lookie at some of the prominent shows in the Fall TV lineup and their premiere dates. Sons of Anarchy (FX) September 6 10e/9c […]