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Madden 15 Trailer

Madden 15 will be in stores on August 26. Yes, NFL football is right around the corner, so enjoy your summer while you can. Because then it’s time to play sweet sports video games, and nothing is better than Madden. Your favorite baseball team probably stinks anyway. Check out the Madden 15 Trailer, complete with […]

Bill Hader’s Amazing Star Wars Impressions [Video]

Bill Hader has been making us laugh for years now. If you’re a fan, we have great news. It looks like Hader is going to make a pitch to J.J. Abrams about getting some roles in the upcoming Star Wars films. He’ll use these impressions he did on Conan as a demo reel. Actually, I […]

Just a Guy Falling Through the Roof at a Golf Pro Shop, Then Posing for Some Pictures [Video]

We’re huge golf nuts at Pop Culted. So we know every offseason golf pro shops will drop their prices to get rid of all of the old clubs and apparel. But it wasn’t just the prices that were falling at this pro shop. No, there was also an employee falling — or rather crashing — through the […]

Michael Bay Walks Off Stage After TelePrompter Breakdown [Video]

Michael Bay walked exited stage right at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when his TelePrompter went on the fritz. Bay was there to promote Samsung’s new 150-inch curved TVs. But when he was asked to do some ad-libbing about the new product, he found it to be too difficult and decided to take […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown’s In-Game Crotch Adjustment

Hey, when you need an adjustment, you need an adjustment. Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown doesn’t care that 15,000 people are in the audience, half of whom still think they were coming to see LeBron James. He has crotchus itchusitis. That must be dealt with post haste. So he takes care of it, with […]

Here’s Jack Black in a 1983 commercial for ‘Pitfall’

Tenacious D frontman. School of Rock maestro. Rick in Cable Guy “Whatever you say, Chip!”. All fantastic roles from funnyman Jack Black. But somehow we never knew that as a youngster he pitched Activision’s ‘Pitfall’ in a commercial. What a fantastic game. Such a tough call back in the day — watch Diff’rent Strokes or […]

Musician Dedicates Song to Trayvon Martin, Gets Attacked On Stage

Well, I guess we know which side she believed in the George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin case. All this cat is trying to do — and it’s Lester Chambers of the 60′s group ‘The Chambers Brothers’ — is dedicate a song to Trayvon Martin. But this lady hops up on stage and pushes him down. […]

Celebrity Hypocrisy Exposed in New Video for Gun Control

How many of these hypocritical celebrities (generous description for some of them) are currently making films that again employ guns and assault rifles? Bet your bippy that some of them left the set making that “PSA” to another set where they went and grabbed a gat. Make the movies. That’s fine. The message is fine. […]

Brozen Brogurt: The Fro-Yo Just for Dudes!

Conan introduces a new sponsor. Their commercial will blow your mind. And your aorta. Introducing, Brozen Brogurt!

Road Rage is Rampant in Russia

Who are all these people with dash-mounted video cameras? Is this a European thing? Are they crashing on purpose to get some good video? Who has time to record all these road rage accidents? I’m way too busy texting when I’m driving. That’s a joke. Anyway, enjoy these goofy Russian accidents and road rage incidents!