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Bill Hader’s Amazing Star Wars Impressions [Video]

Bill Hader has been making us laugh for years now. If you’re a fan, we have great news. It looks like Hader is going to make a pitch to J.J. Abrams about getting some roles in the upcoming Star Wars films. He’ll use these impressions he did on Conan as a demo reel. Actually, I […]

Michael Bay Walks Off Stage After TelePrompter Breakdown [Video]

Michael Bay walked exited stage right at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when his TelePrompter went on the fritz. Bay was there to promote Samsung’s new 150-inch curved TVs. But when he was asked to do some ad-libbing about the new product, he found it to be too difficult and decided to take […]

Here’s Jack Black in a 1983 commercial for ‘Pitfall’

Tenacious D frontman. School of Rock maestro. Rick in Cable Guy “Whatever you say, Chip!”. All fantastic roles from funnyman Jack Black. But somehow we never knew that as a youngster he pitched Activision’s ‘Pitfall’ in a commercial. What a fantastic game. Such a tough call back in the day — watch Diff’rent Strokes or […]

Charles Ramsey Remix – “Dead Giveaway”

Further proof that life can drastically change in the blink of an eye: Mr. Charles Ramsey. Ramsey is now a celebrated hero and pop culture icon after rescuing Amanda Berry and two other women in Cleveland. He could also make it as a pop star if he chose to pursue a career in music. This […]

HBO’s Game of Thrones, 1995 Style!

Well done. We will giveth thou a fortnight’s worth of free beverages with Peter Dinklage. If you can find his agent. And he’s be up for that. Never mind, not gonna happen.

Brozen Brogurt: The Fro-Yo Just for Dudes!

Conan introduces a new sponsor. Their commercial will blow your mind. And your aorta. Introducing, Brozen Brogurt!

Key & Peele’s Barack Obama: The College Years

“Intercepted….Don’t sleep on Barry O. Don’t sleep on Barry O!” Comedy Central

Introducing: The Crazy Spitting Lady

A local Chicago TV station had a lovely run-in with one of the city’s prized citizens. A lady walks up — and into their shot — politely asks for directions, then impolitely starts hocking up phlegm and letting it fly. It would be gross if it wasn’t so funny. We’re nicknaming this lady Hakka Loogie, […]

Chris Brown PWNED by TV’s Andy Levy [Video]

Chris Brown put on quite a performance Sunday night the 54th Grammy Awards, but it’s not quite as good as Andy Levy’s. Who’s Andy Levy? A TV guy that got into it a bit of a Twitter feud with Brown and his followers. Levy absolutely owns Brown in this segment.

What? Orientals in Atlanta — No Way!

We all love a good game show fail, right? Usually it’s the contestant making us bust a gut. Here the host — Jim Perry — breaks out a little old school racism. The good news here is that we’ve come a long way from this type of thing, but you’ve got to admit — Perry […]