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Madden 15 Trailer

Madden 15 will be in stores on August 26. Yes, NFL football is right around the corner, so enjoy your summer while you can. Because then it’s time to play sweet sports video games, and nothing is better than Madden. Your favorite baseball team probably stinks anyway. Check out the Madden 15 Trailer, complete with […]

Just a Guy Falling Through the Roof at a Golf Pro Shop, Then Posing for Some Pictures [Video]

We’re huge golf nuts at Pop Culted. So we know every offseason golf pro shops will drop their prices to get rid of all of the old clubs and apparel. But it wasn’t just the prices that were falling at this pro shop. No, there was also an employee falling — or rather crashing — through the […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown’s In-Game Crotch Adjustment

Hey, when you need an adjustment, you need an adjustment. Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown doesn’t care that 15,000 people are in the audience, half of whom still think they were coming to see LeBron James. He has crotchus itchusitis. That must be dealt with post haste. So he takes care of it, with […]

Apparently They’re ‘Butt Checking’ in Hockey Now

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are always a blast. Men grow smelly beards that get food lodged in them for months. They scream at their televisions — and actually think they are listening to them. But mostly they get to see good old-time hockey. Eddie Shore! Old-time playoff hockey ain’t what it used to be. The […]

Giving “Air Ball” A Whole New Meaning

I believe the old adage is “Never leave a job half-finished”. Appalachian State’s Brian Okam cares not for old school wisdom, and apparently that applies to practice too. Watch him ‘shoot’ a free throw that barely makes it out of his hands.

Scumbag Sandusky Supporter

You knew it wouldn’t be long until you saw a Sandusky “Tickle Monster” T-shirt. Here it is. I hope the Tickle Monster is released — on this guy. h/t: Twitter via The Score

You’re Doing It Wrong [Pic]

You’re doing it wrong, aka, ‘When Bodybuilding Goes Bad’. I told this dude–you shouldn’t read books upside down. He didn’t listen. Now look what happened.

Sammy Sosa is Whiter Than Ever [Pic]

Former home run slugger and ‘Flintstones Vitamin’ user (mm yeah, okay) Sammy Sosa continues to get whiter by the day. If they ever do a ‘Munsters’ movie, Sammy will surely get the part of Eddie Munster. Assuming it’s done in Spanish. Or is he going for one of the 18 Twilight movies that are coming […]

Tiger Woods 25 Years From Now

You may think that’s a photo of Phillippines president Noynoy Aquino, but really that’s a picture of Tiger Woods from the year 2036. Tiger Woods is laughing in the picture, taken on the set of his late-night talk show, “Tiger-Tiger-Tiger Woods, Y’all”. Whatever, don’t believe us.

Worst Soccer Free Kick Ever

Uh…I think you forgot something…