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No Photoshop: German Arm Wrestling Champ

Yes this is real. No it’s not photoshopped. Yes it is insane. Meet Mattias Schmitte, who must use the Shake Weight quite a bit. It’s paid off — he’s a champion arm wrestler. Click the pic for full-size man arms. Do it right. If you’re looking to add bulk, one of the leading testosterone boosters […]

You Sir, Have a Freaky Knee

I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this, but now I can’t stop looking at it. Help? We also look forward to your starring role in “The Andy Samberg Story”.

Matthew McConaughey is Looking Good These Days

Whoa. Much like Christian Bale in “The Machinist”, Matthew McConaughey dropped a ton of weight for his new role in the upcoming film, “The Dallas Buyers Club”. According to IMDB, the film is “Loosely based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with […]

Chicago Tribune’s Interesting Photo Choice of President Obama

Maybe it’s me. But when I opened my Chicago Tribune this morning, the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture of President Obama is “Toke that doobie”! Am I nuts? Is that or is that not the international sign for puffing a doob? You make the call!

Too Soon: Broom-Hilda’s Gun Shots in a Theater Joke

This is from July 25, 2012, so my guess is that the editor of the Broom-Hilda comic strip is on vacation in Belize, on an extreme amount of drugs or hates the cartoonist and his job. Seriously, who decides to run this comic strip after the tragedy of the shootings in Aurora? You’d never see […]

Remember This, Welfare Dopers

Nobody rides for free. We’re not paying for your doobage, slackers!!

Tom Cruise Is the Winner! [Img]

h/t: Reddit

You’re Doing It Wrong [Pic]

You’re doing it wrong, aka, ‘When Bodybuilding Goes Bad’. I told this dude–you shouldn’t read books upside down. He didn’t listen. Now look what happened.

I Laughed [Pic]

I bet you fools have seen auroras on Uranus lots of time. Heh..heh…auroras on Uranus. And then a post about penguins pooping just above that one? What a day for news!

America Is Gay – It’s Official

Who would have thought we’d see the day when a gay flag is flown by the U.S. military? Here one flies high outside a U.S. military tent in Afghanistan. What are your thoughts on this? h/t: Free Republic