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Musician Dedicates Song to Trayvon Martin, Gets Attacked On Stage

Well, I guess we know which side she believed in the George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin case. All this cat is trying to do — and it’s Lester Chambers of the 60′s group ‘The Chambers Brothers’ — is dedicate a song to Trayvon Martin. But this lady hops up on stage and pushes him down. […]

This Just In: NASA Killed Michael Jackson

This makes complete sense. h/t: Reddit via Imgur

The Periodic Table of Metal

This is the Periodic Table of Metal…Heavy Metal. It is glorious. Learn it, know it, live it. I would also have accepted (pun inteded) Accept for the ‘Ac’ element. “Metal Heart” was a tremendous metal album, and who can forget the killer anthem, “Balls to the Wall”? But Rush? Totally NOT METAL. Neither is Marilyn […]

Jimi Hendrix Gettin His Hair Did, Reading Mad Magazine

Remember when Mad magazine was a vital part of pop culture in America? Cracked has a made a nice comeback with their online product, but Mad seems to have gone the way of the buffalo. They do have a show for kids on Cartoon Network, but it’s no longer the commentator on society and pop […]

Chris Brown PWNED by TV’s Andy Levy [Video]

Chris Brown put on quite a performance Sunday night the 54th Grammy Awards, but it’s not quite as good as Andy Levy’s. Who’s Andy Levy? A TV guy that got into it a bit of a Twitter feud with Brown and his followers. Levy absolutely owns Brown in this segment.

Be Thankful: Tom Jones and David Gilmour Perform “Purple Rain”

If you’re looking for things to be thankful for, here’s a bit of awesome sauce for you: David Gilmour and Tom Jones rocking out Prince’s Purple Rain. This is fantastic, and Tom Jones is still hot. Yeah, I said it. Oh, and here’s a pic of Jones that just screams awesomeness. Thankful now? You betcha!

Tom Morello: Obama’s No Different

RT America caught up with Rage and Audioslave guitarist (and now solo artist) Tom Morello as he was playing songs for the Occupy Wall St. protesters. Morello had thoughts on why people should support Occupy Wall St., and also offered up that he thinks Obama is no different than any other presidents. You have to […]

Tom Morello Plays “This Land Is Your Land” with Occupy Wall St.

Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitar great settled in with the Occupy Wall St. protesters, leading them in a version of “This Land Is Your Land”. Woody Guthrie is the famous folksinger who wrote and recorded “This Land Is Your Land”, which originally had some verses that were taken out in later versions: As […]

He’s Not an iPod Fan

“No way I’m selling out to the iPod!” I suppose that’s one way to listen to music. Of course, if he starts dancing…or farting…there could be some problems.

Whoa. Groove with Randy Jackson from Back in the Day

Yo, yo, yo Dawg–dig this pic of American Idol’s Randy Jackson from back in the day. He’s in it to win it, and stuff. He kind of looks like the lovechild of Laurence Fishburne and Wesley Snipes there. But wait–there’s more! Check out this vid from the DVD, in which “The Dawg” explains that it’s […]