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Automated Transcript of George Zimmerman’s Wife’s 911 Call is Hilarious

Technology has come a long way. Automated transcripts clearly being the exception. George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie called 911 after Georgie decided to play “Chips” again. The automated transcript of her call is a stitch, and I can’t even believe a reputable news group put this on their site, even with the disclaimer that it might […]

Charles Ramsey Remix – “Dead Giveaway”

Further proof that life can drastically change in the blink of an eye: Mr. Charles Ramsey. Ramsey is now a celebrated hero and pop culture icon after rescuing Amanda Berry and two other women in Cleveland. He could also make it as a pop star if he chose to pursue a career in music. This […]

Best Word Game Apps for iPhone

Congratulations! You’re bored with jumping things and collecting coins and are on the hunt for some sweet word games. We can help with that. Here are the best word game apps for the iPhone. Letterpress Find words, steal tiles, color the board! Like most great games, Letterpress is super-addicting. You and your opponent battle it […]

How to Get a Job in Tech

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Reddit is Basically…

The front page of Reddit is basically…the best of Imgur? click for full screen Correction: Imgur, and a few You Tube vids.

Rage Digger!

The new newswire feature on Digg is really cool. I like the transparency that it has in showing who diggs or buries a story. Some people haven’t noticed that feature, or they simply don’t give a crap. Like this guy:    

What’s the Deal with Phone Books?

That’s a lot of phone books. I wonder if kids even know what they are. My kids do, because I still use phone books. Homework isn’t complete? SMACK! Garbage not taken out? SMACK! Delete my soap operas off the DVR? SMACK! But yeah, we don’t really need them.

Those “Important” Reddit Mods

Reddit is as fine a social media site as you will find, in many ways better than Digg — especially since Digg spilled Coke all over their control board. But unfortunately, some mods over at Reddit take their “jobs” a bit too seriously. Case in point: this pic sent in to the Pop Culted Fan […]

10 “Crappiest” Websites on the Internet

Pop Culted has found the 10 crappiest websites on the internet. We even found this picture of an elephant taking a dump in an enormous toilet. What we do for you people… Anyway, here they are, in no particular order… Poop Report Billed as the #1 source for your #2 business, Poop Report allows readers […]

The State of Unemployment

Extra! Extra!! Read all the good news…uh, or read this.