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Here’s Jack Black in a 1983 commercial for ‘Pitfall’

Tenacious D frontman. School of Rock maestro. Rick in Cable Guy “Whatever you say, Chip!”. All fantastic roles from funnyman Jack Black. But somehow we never knew that as a youngster he pitched Activision’s ‘Pitfall’ in a commercial. What a fantastic game. Such a tough call back in the day — watch Diff’rent Strokes or […]

Apparently They’re ‘Butt Checking’ in Hockey Now

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are always a blast. Men grow smelly beards that get food lodged in them for months. They scream at their televisions — and actually think they are listening to them. But mostly they get to see good old-time hockey. Eddie Shore! Old-time playoff hockey ain’t what it used to be. The […]

Charles Ramsey Remix – “Dead Giveaway”

Further proof that life can drastically change in the blink of an eye: Mr. Charles Ramsey. Ramsey is now a celebrated hero and pop culture icon after rescuing Amanda Berry and two other women in Cleveland. He could also make it as a pop star if he chose to pursue a career in music. This […]

Brozen Brogurt: The Fro-Yo Just for Dudes!

Conan introduces a new sponsor. Their commercial will blow your mind. And your aorta. Introducing, Brozen Brogurt!

Meet the Stars of Mitt Romney: The Movie

Here is the first casting for “Mitt Romney: The Movie”, definitely not coming to a theater near you anytime soon. Mitt Romney, played by Tony Sirico

Terry Fator and his puppets invade Caesars Windsor Casino in Canada

No need to get alarmed – the puppets taking over the biggest casino resort in Canada have good intentions and their only aim is to bring you some high quality entertainment. Providing the puppets with souls and unique voices is ventriloquist Terry Fator – the winner of America’s Got Talent back in 2007.

This Just In: NASA Killed Michael Jackson

This makes complete sense. h/t: Reddit via Imgur

Tom Cruise Is the Winner! [Img]

h/t: Reddit

I Laughed [Pic]

I bet you fools have seen auroras on Uranus lots of time. Heh..heh…auroras on Uranus. And then a post about penguins pooping just above that one? What a day for news!

Dumb Teacher Doesn’t Know Her Heavy Metal

How dare this lady put question marks on this wonderful child’s paper? Not only is he well-versed in classic heavy metal/thrash music, he’s not even American! He knew all of their symbols and fonts. I award him infinite points, give him an A for all of his classes and allow him to take the rest […]