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Five Best Gambling Movies

If you don’t think these are the five best movies about gambling, we will raise and then re-raise you, take all your money with our 3-9 rags and then rub two cookies together and…well, eat them. In no particular order, here is our list. Rounders Norton. Damon. Turturro. Landau. The cookie-eating John Malkovich. Hotties Gretchen […]

Ashton Kutcher Two and a Half Men Pic

Winning? I’d say so for Ashton Kutcher. Check him out in this new pic for CBS’ “Two and a Half Men“. h/t:

Are You Not Entertained? Then Try Multiplayer Gaming

It’s good for individuals to get a little social interaction every now and then, but who has money to visit a nightclub or throw a party? Get social, and get entertained, with multiplayer gaming. The Internet is chock-full of role playing and casino games that will help you unwind, relax and enjoy the spirit of […]

The Most Obnoxious People At the Gym

The Grunter. The Tough Guy. The Cougar. The Spinster. They could be names from pro wrestling, but they are also among the cast of characters at your local gym. You’ve met them all, and you don’t like any of them. Especially Old Nude Guy. My goodness, grab a towel — or 3 — and hide […]

Yep, She’s Puking On You

Best Wake-up call ever!!! Can you imagine how good that smells? h/t

How Sell Out Gangsta Rappers End Up

Once a member of one of the most influential gangsta rap groups of all-time. Very successful solo career. Superb performance in Singleton’s “Boyz In the Hood”. Now, Icecube takes direction on the set about how to be fascinated with squirrels? Are we there yet? If we are, I really wanna go back. Ya feel me? h/t

HIV Has Never Been Funnier

Can the comic book be far behind? Da Chlamydia Crusher? Da Crabs Assassin? Da Gonorrhea Breaker? This is all kinds of awesome. I’m also recommending a reality show, a run at pro wrestling, and of course, a rap album.

Worst Soccer Free Kick Ever

Uh…I think you forgot something…

What’s the Deal with Phone Books?

That’s a lot of phone books. I wonder if kids even know what they are. My kids do, because I still use phone books. Homework isn’t complete? SMACK! Garbage not taken out? SMACK! Delete my soap operas off the DVR? SMACK! But yeah, we don’t really need them.

Black Eyed Peas Owned on Wikipedia

So how about that Black Eyed Peas halftime performance? Is a band really ready for the Super Bowl halftime show if they have to cover other bands’ songs — Fergie please don’t ever sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine again — and bring along guests like Usher? Maybe we’re getting old here at Pop Culted. But […]