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Michael Bay Walks Off Stage After TelePrompter Breakdown [Video]

Michael Bay walked exited stage right at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when his TelePrompter went on the fritz. Bay was there to promote Samsung’s new 150-inch curved TVs. But when he was asked to do some ad-libbing about the new product, he found it to be too difficult and decided to take […]

Celebrity Hypocrisy Exposed in New Video for Gun Control

How many of these hypocritical celebrities (generous description for some of them) are currently making films that again employ guns and assault rifles? Bet your bippy that some of them left the set making that “PSA” to another set where they went and grabbed a gat. Make the movies. That’s fine. The message is fine. […]

Giving “Air Ball” A Whole New Meaning

I believe the old adage is “Never leave a job half-finished”. Appalachian State’s Brian Okam cares not for old school wisdom, and apparently that applies to practice too. Watch him ‘shoot’ a free throw that barely makes it out of his hands.

Too Soon: Broom-Hilda’s Gun Shots in a Theater Joke

This is from July 25, 2012, so my guess is that the editor of the Broom-Hilda comic strip is on vacation in Belize, on an extreme amount of drugs or hates the cartoonist and his job. Seriously, who decides to run this comic strip after the tragedy of the shootings in Aurora? You’d never see […]

You’re Doing It Wrong [Pic]

You’re doing it wrong, aka, ‘When Bodybuilding Goes Bad’. I told this dude–you shouldn’t read books upside down. He didn’t listen. Now look what happened.

Can She Solve the World’s Easiest Math Problem? No. She Can’t.

How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Roll lollipop? Who Shot J.R.? Is the Middle East really in the middle toward the east? These are some of the questions that have confounded humans over and over again. And now, we have an addition to the list, courtesy of lovely Chelsea. Whatever you do, […]

To-To-Today, Junior! Epic Sportscaster Fail [Video]

If this doesn’t immediately make you think of the famous “To-To-Today, Junior” line from Billy Madison then you are completely insane, and I award you no points. This is a classic sportscaster fail, courtesy of Damany Lewis, who I think handled it with aplomb. To the video tape… For comparison:

Just a Reporter Saying She’s a Slave Master In Front of Two Black Men

Without the good ‘ol TelePrompTer to give her unoffensive witticisms to spew, this reporter makes a grand slip up. She’s announces that she’s like a “Slave Master”. In front of two black men. While doing an exercise simulating cracking a whip. She doesn’t even seem to realize what she’s done. Ignorance is bliss, indeed.

President Obama, Which Bank Is That?

President Obama, we’ll need some directions to that bank. Kind of reminds you of this clip, doesn’t it?

No Drive Thru at Panera…Until Now!

There was no drive thru at a local Panera…until now! You also have to love what the sign says inside the restaurant, right above where the car came crashing through — “Crunch!” You know what this person said as soon as the collision was finished? “I’m going to have to call you back.”