Remember This, Welfare Dopers

A Message to Welfare Boozers and DopersNobody rides for free. We’re not paying for your doobage, slackers!!

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6 Responses to “Remember This, Welfare Dopers”

  1. tre_03 says:

    What does a sign at the liquor store have to do with drug? The problem I see with this picture is that a liquor store accepts food stamps, not that people aren’t being drug screened before getting welfare.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, because if you fail a drug test and can’t get a job, welfare is your safety net. That’s the point. But you’re screwed anyway at that point, because you’re on welfare, on drugs, and have no life.

  3. noneee says:

    Just because you decided to give up your natural rights for a paycheck doesn’t mean everyone should have to.

  4. John says:

    I love spending taxpayers’ money on weed!

  5. Jack Kaugh says:

    Drug tests are evil; no one should have to take one. This country managed to make it almost 200 years with absolutely no drug testing at all. During that time we did pretty much everything, including putting several men on the moon and bringing them back. Imagine that! During the sixties and the “free drug” culture they didn’t drug test the men who built the rocket, flew the rocket and wrote all the software.

    We are in a situation where the powers that be want to divide and separate us lest we discover who the true enemy is. People who are getting welfare have already been through a lot and need help, not another test. Drug testing accomplishes little but line the pockets of the 1% who run the drug testing firms.

  6. Bob says:

    “If working folks have to take drug tests…”

    That’s the problem right there. If you have to take a drug test to work where you work, you probably shouldn’t be working there.

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