Tom Morello: Obama’s No Different

Tom Morello speaks with RT America at Occupy Wall St.RT America caught up with Rage and Audioslave guitarist (and now solo artist) Tom Morello as he was playing songs for the Occupy Wall St. protesters.

Morello had thoughts on why people should support Occupy Wall St., and also offered up that he thinks Obama is no different than any other presidents. You have to admire that an Obama supporter changes his stance. Morello is a strong political activist, and he’s not just a partisan talking head.

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4 Responses to “Tom Morello: Obama’s No Different”

  1. Jeff says:

    Obama has been nothing short of a disaster on protecting Civil Liberties of American citizens, War on Terror, War on Drugs, witch hunt of whistle blowers, Government transparency. Moreover, he has gone out of his way in ensuring that none of the officials in Bush Administration are investigated and charged for war crimes.
    Obama can wage a blatantly illegal war in Libya for months on end, work to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past his repeatedly touted deadline, scheme to cut Social Security and Medicare as wealth inequality explodes and thereby please the oligarchical base funding his campaign, use black sites in Somalia to interrogate Terrorist suspects, all while his Party’s Chairwoman works literally to destroy Internet privacy — all with virtually no attention paid. Bush would be proud of Obama’s accomplishments.

  2. Kallero says:

    Definitely agree. We’ve got to turn the screws to Obama, who promised to fix this country and turn it around for the better. He’s up for election next year; Obama can’t afford to have this largely leftist movement refusing to support him in an election year, clamoring for Obama SPECIFICALLY to actually make real change to the way government is run should be a direction OWS moves in, a direction that hopefully could hold promise.

  3. Vince Lisanti says:

    America needs a President and Legislature who will be “FREE TO LEAD”. The lack of this simple phrase in our current system is at the core of why we are now a nation in trouble, and the very reason people Occupy and have been attending tea party events all over the country in disgust.

    “FREE TO LEAD” is the great unifier and a phrase that both groups have to agree on and demand from Washington before any other political agenda can come up for discussion.

    Buddy Roemer is the only 2012 candidate who can claim “FREE TO LEAD”

    Buddy Roemer has been fighting institutional corruption his entire political career, and is the only presidential candidate that has the integrity to take action against Special Interests NOW! He proves this by putting his campaign money where his mouth is and currently runs his campaign with self imposed limits of $100 max. contribution. No PAC’s or Super PAC’s.

    He is the only candidate who has been granted Matching Funds from the FEC because his donations are received in small amounts from all across the country which means he is the most qualified of all of the candidates to represent “we the people” and not corporate interests.

    Roemer is running for the nomination of the first ever online split party ticket called Americans Elect, which is on course to be on the ballot in all 50 states. You can learn more about Americans Elect here:

    To learn more about Buddy Roemer and what it means to be “FREE TO LEAD” I suggest people do a little research by going to his website here, and than registering with Americans Elect here, to officially add a support click for Buddy Roemer.

  4. Great article. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

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