The Worst Cops in TV History

Worst Cops in TV History

Thankfully the officers on this list are only fictional characters. Here are Pop Culted’s list of the 10 Worst TV Cops.

Chief O’hara
Oh Batman can you do this, oh Batman we need you, oh Batman come help us. Dude — do your own work for once.

Roscoe ColtraneRosco P. Coltrane
Coltrane was a crooked cop who was in cahoots with Boss Hogg. Plus, you have any idea how much he cost taxpayers with all those cop car wrecks?

Vic Mackey
Vic actually got things accomplished. Unfortunately it involved graft, strong-arming suspects, lying to his bosses and shooting an informant. Oh, and he was a rat too, tattling on his partner Shane Vendrell.

Shane Vendrell
Shane was Vic Mackey’s partner and right-hand man. He actually blew up one of his own crew so their “Strike Team” wouldn’t get busted. Not only that, after they ripped off a money train he burnt all the money after he got scared.

Kids in the Hall Cops

Kids in the Hall’s Toronto Cops
There have never been a group of cops that have done less work than Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney’s cops on “Kids in the Hall”. They basically stand there and talk all day. The best one? When they demanded a suspect meet them the following day because their shift was ending.

Dexter MorganDexter
Dexter isn’t a cop per se, but he does work for Miami Metro Homicide. And I would guess — out on a limb here, I know — that someone paid to solve murders should not actually be committing most of them. He’s earned his spot on the list.

Sergeant Frank Drebin
Yes, Drebin is renowned for his work in “The Naked gun” franchise, but don’t forget that he also fouled up plenty of things on “Police Squad!” And even though that show ran just 6 episodes, that was plenty of time to land Drebin here.

Officer Barbrady
“Move along…nothing to see here, people.” Whenever Barbrady says that he could be referring to his police work — if he does any. he’s full of misinformation and misdoings — telling Kyle there is a law against Jews eating Christmas snow, guarding child molesters, getting tied up in Stan’s basement and on and on. At least he finally learned how to read.

Reno 911's Lt. Jim DangleLt. Jim Dangle
The outfit was bad enough to land him on the list, but the police work was shoddy to boot. He’s a horrible leader and a failed crime solver. In fact, Dangle created many ‘whodunits’ himself by getting his bike ripped off on a regular basis.

Chief Wiggum
‘Is this the number for 911?’ ‘No, this is 9…12.’ That kind of sums up Chief Clancy Wiggum of the Springfield Police Department. Inept and often unwilling, Wiggum can always be counted on to screw things up. Breaking down the door at the wrong house. Complaining that they can’t be policing the “whole” city. Refusing to help Springfield citizens. Getting repeatedly burned by Snake. Wiggum is probably the worst cop of all of them.

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3 Responses to “The Worst Cops in TV History”

  1. J says:

    Actually it was the cop that Shane Vendrell killed (Lem) who burned the money train cash. And Vic Mackey told on everyone but since he was granted immunity & Shane killed himself, it was Ronnie who took the fall for all of the crimes the Strike Team was involved in.

  2. zorch says:

    You forgot, Barney Fife, Andy Taylor’s deputy. For sheer stupidity he was unrivaled.

    Det. Elliot Stabler, the brutal thug on Special Violence Unit. He consistently assaulted suspects who turned out to be innocent. I wonder why somebody didn’t sue the NYPD for damages. Why he was never tried I don’t know. I do know the cons would have welcomed him. It’s hard for a cop in the pen.

    I also wanted to see him assault some ex-SAS or Navy Seal Operative. Then we could hear, “We just found Detective Stabler. He has one arm shoved down his mouth and the other shoved up his ass.

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