Those “Important” Reddit Mods

Reddit is as fine a social media site as you will find, in many ways better than Digg — especially since Digg spilled Coke all over their control board. But unfortunately, some mods over at Reddit take their “jobs” a bit too seriously. Case in point: this pic sent in to the Pop Culted Fan Box. Which means we got an e-mail.

"Important" Reddit Mods

click for bigger pic

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One Response to “Those “Important” Reddit Mods”

  1. I do reviews of games and movies and nothing I post to them takes any more. Evidently me and my site are marked as spammers. One person made a comment that since my site had ads on it that it was nothing more then blog spam. If that is the case then all the entertainment sites that do reviews are nothing but blog spam. All the content we have is original and our views and reviews are original to us at the site. It is amazing just how draconian some places can be when you submit a site.

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