Why the Mainstream Media Sucks

Rahm Emanuel and William Kelly

Here is a fine example why the mainstream media sucks. They are more concerned about getting clean soundbites so they can get their packages in (that’s what she said!) than actually asking real questions or following up on what a REAL reporter asked. And Rahm Emanuel totally blows off the reporter, because he knows he will ask tough questions, a total jag move.

Pretty classy to threaten to deck a reporter. Who’s the jerk in this scenario? Pretty obvious to this reporter. Even if I’m not a real reporter. You get it. OK, we’re done here.

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One Response to “Why the Mainstream Media Sucks”

  1. SamW says:

    Maybe if you did not act like a douchebag in the first place and waited to ask questions like the other reporter did, you could have had a chance to ask him the questions. That’s what a “real” reporter does – not whining about it at the end, I think you would be better off at the dancing with the stars or the new skating with the stars.

    From a “real” reporter and not an rahm fan either.

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