Bill Hader’s Amazing Star Wars Impressions [Video]

Star Wars

Bill Hader has been making us laugh for years now. If you’re a fan, we have great news. It looks like Hader is going to make a pitch to J.J. Abrams about getting some roles in the upcoming Star Wars films. He’ll use these impressions he did on Conan as a demo reel.

Actually, I don’t care what part he plays, but I think he should be in the next wave of Star Wars films. This way, even if they bomb we’ll at least have some comic relief from Hader.

But if Abrams can make something great out of Star Trek — at least for non-Trekkies — I doubt he’ll screw up the Star Wars franchise. Most people even assume he’ll bring them to a new level, especially considering the disdain many fans had for the last few films.

Just a Guy Falling Through the Roof at a Golf Pro Shop, Then Posing for Some Pictures [Video]

Guy crashes through ceiling at golf pro shopWe’re huge golf nuts at Pop Culted. So we know every offseason golf pro shops will drop their prices to get rid of all of the old clubs and apparel. But it wasn’t just the prices that were falling at this pro shop. No, there was also an employee falling — or rather crashing — through the ceiling. And he played it off cool as a Phil Mickelson lob wedge from 60 yards out. (Golf lingo FTW!)

We hope he’s okay and enjoys his settlement and time off. If he has a good attorney, he can come back right when the weather gets ideal for golf.

Michael Bay Walks Off Stage After TelePrompter Breakdown [Video]

Michael Bay at CES 2014Michael Bay walked exited stage right at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when his TelePrompter went on the fritz. Bay was there to promote Samsung’s new 150-inch curved TVs. But when he was asked to do some ad-libbing about the new product, he found it to be too difficult and decided to take a walk.

Look, Michael Bay is a director, not an actor. He needed that TelePrompter. He could not talk about a new TV without one. He should have just mentioned how awesome all his movies would look on those TVs.

I guess you could say that talking about new hi-tech TVs without a script is… (removes sunglasses) more than meets the eye.

Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown’s In-Game Crotch Adjustment


Hey, when you need an adjustment, you need an adjustment. Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown doesn’t care that 15,000 people are in the audience, half of whom still think they were coming to see LeBron James.

He has crotchus itchusitis. That must be dealt with post haste. So he takes care of it, with a very accurate itch and move routine that is sure to catch on with those suffering from the same type of problem.

Cleveland would miss the playoffs if the season ended today. Mike Brown has 99 problems, but that crotch itch ain’t one.

90210 star Shenae Grimes stars in ‘Sugar’

SugarWant to see 90210 star Shenae Grimes in a dramatic leading role? Check out the latest movie by executive producer Elliott Broidy called “Sugar”. Shenae’s leading role takes her to Venice Beach, California where she ends up making lasting relationships with other homeless teens. Rotini Rainwater and Elliott Broidy’s Sugar is inspired by real events and has goals to educate people on homelessness in America. Watch the trailer below!

No Photoshop: German Arm Wrestling Champ

Yes this is real. No it’s not photoshopped. Yes it is insane. Meet Mattias Schmitte, who must use the Shake Weight quite a bit. It’s paid off — he’s a champion arm wrestler. Click the pic for full-size man arms.

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Automated Transcript of George Zimmerman’s Wife’s 911 Call is Hilarious

Technology has come a long way. Automated transcripts clearly being the exception.

George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie called 911 after Georgie decided to play “Chips” again. The automated transcript of her call is a stitch, and I can’t even believe a reputable news group put this on their site, even with the disclaimer that it might not be “100% accurate.” Enjoy!

Shellie Zimmerman 911 Callzim2

Here’s Jack Black in a 1983 commercial for ‘Pitfall’

Tenacious D frontman. School of Rock maestro. Rick in Cable Guy “Whatever you say, Chip!”. All fantastic roles from funnyman Jack Black. But somehow we never knew that as a youngster he pitched Activision’s ‘Pitfall’ in a commercial.

What a fantastic game. Such a tough call back in the day — watch Diff’rent Strokes or keep on playing Pitfall? Roll the VHS tape!

h/t: Fuzzy Memories

Libertarianism Isn’t Dangerous, Government Failing to Do Their Jobs Is

Chris ChristieChris Christie on why he is for the NSA and why ‘libertarianism is dangerous’:

“I think what we as a country have to decide is: Do we have amnesia? Because I don’t,” he said. “And I remember what we felt like on Sept. 12, 2001.”

We don’t need more intel or agencies or snooping on American citizens. We need the government to do their jobs.

The Bush administration was DIRECTLY told by the CIA that there was a terrorist cell in the country and threats of attack were imminent. The intel was available early in 2001. 9/11 could have been prevented with government action. There was no NSA back then.

Consider the tragedy of the Boston Marathon. Russia warned us about the bombers, but the FBI and government agencies failed to share this information. The Boston police was not informed that the FBI had already launched an investigation into the brothers, nor were they aware that they just returned from a radical portion of Russia. This bombing also could have been prevented — with proper government communication and action.

The point is this: there’s no need for the the government to continue to take away our rights under the guise of safety. The government doesn’t need more intel, it needs to do their jobs correctly. And apparently it needs an HGTV star to come over and get them organized. Yet some want bigger government? If security agencies can’t even communicate to each other about dangerous terrorists in our midst, then an open ear on every phone call and a prying eye on every email won’t make America safe.

If Christie wants to sit across from people who lost loved ones on 9/11, I hope he doesn’t suffer amnesia. And I hope he doesn’t lie. Bad people wanted to harm us. But it was our government that failed. They knew. They didn’t act to prevent catastrophe. Is that what he’ll tell them?

So while we bemoan the rights issues of NSA snooping – and we are right to do so – perhaps lost in the shuffle is that government needs to clean up its ways and means of communicating before they start worrying about the emails and phone calls of American citizens. They can’t even properly use the intel they currently have.

Don’t fear the liberty, Chris Christie. Libertarianism seeks full discourse, full rights for every American. If you want to fear something, fear the ineptitude of a grandiose government that isn’t giving us a solid ROI.

Musician Dedicates Song to Trayvon Martin, Gets Attacked On Stage

Well, I guess we know which side she believed in the George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin case.

All this cat is trying to do — and it’s Lester Chambers of the 60′s group ‘The Chambers Brothers’ — is dedicate a song to Trayvon Martin. But this lady hops up on stage and pushes him down. He’s a 73-year-old man that’s simply trying to honor the memory of a slain teen. Homer Simpson said it best. “People? They’re the worst.”